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Welcome to our site. There may be an inordinate amount of content relating to dogs and history, but those categories do play a role in our lives. Nathan is a 5th generation Californian, 4th generation native. He dabbles in all sorts of hobbies, but is primarily an avid cyclist-programmer-teacher. Roberta is a 2nd generation Californian, 1st generation native. She dabbles in various hobbies also, but is an EHS engineer by trade. Our biggest influences come from our church, our family, and our friends.

The "Wuss"

Our big boy is Max, a Rhodesian Ridgeback with a little Great Dane thrown in. We rescued him from the local county animal shelter where he was quite depressed. He's at or over 28" at the shoulder and weights in at about 93 pounds (though he looks as if he never gets fed - the dog food bill says differently). He loves to play and rough house and doesn't have to jump to get on the couch. Kitty cats are just "mouth-full" versions of the big kitties (lions) that Rhodesians were bred to hunt.

The Boss

Kasie, our Australian Shepard and Sheltie mix. She was rescued as a 10 pound puppy at a very busy intersection in the city - just minutes after being dumped. There is a reason she is called the 'bossy Aussie' because she rules the roost. She's short and is "only" 52 pounds, but knows how to herd and how to discipline (a dog's nose is very tender and she uses her teeth to her advantage).


Our latest - "cliff-hanger"

Meet Cliff - the pestiest, but most non-agressive dog around. He was rescued off of a cliff after 3 days - 90' up. He was named before he was even completely off of the face of the cliff. He spent the requisite number of days at the shelter before we could adopt him. He's now a 56 pound bundle of energy and appears to be a English Pointer mix - possibly with a little bit of terrier. He has proven time and again that he has no clue what doggie discipline is because of the scars on his nose. Those have been inflicted by Kasie.

Published Author

The book that Roberta authored is now available. It focuses upon Santa Ana from 1940 to the present. The book was completed reasonably close to on time . This was put together in conjunction with the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society.

Follow this link for details and the SAHPS online store: SAHPS

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